Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a new year, a new megaphone

A request of my blog visitors:

In The Daily Caller, you'll find an interesting, enthusiastic new voice in cyberspace. Please hop online and browse around...

and when you do, please check out my column(first of many I hope!) in the Opinion section. Comments welcome, in fact encouraged!

Thanks as always for the support of the blog, which will continue to be the place I comment on the world and the many aspects of it that make little sense to me. But I do hope you visit - and enjoy - The Daily Caller.


ljr said...

am still here and listening

Joe said...

Hi Renee, Happy Birthday, belatedly.

renee said...

ljr - thank for sticking around and I hope you find at least a few things worth listening to in the coming months.

And Joe - thank you! It was a great day.