Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Stories like this convince me I'm not quite as insane as I usually think I am.

If anyone reads this blog regularly - which is certainly open to debate - they will surely bear witness to the fact that I have issues. Lots of them.

Not the least of which is the self-doubt and nagging thoughts that plague me about how I've irreparably damaged my children, through my own insecurities, incompetence and just plain old mistakes I've made over the years. On my worst days, I truly believe they don't have enough hours left in their lives for the therapy they'll need to overcome my "parenting."

Then - just when I'm about ready to weep, I read something like this and it cheers me up considerably. I may have made mistakes - in the thousands by now - and I may have lost it from time to time, and I may have said or done some things I regret, but by God I never once thought about the fashion statements my children were making with their diapers. Not once.

That has to count for something, right? Score one for me?

Here's the link to today's Daily Caller column. And if you buy and love these diapers, I really want to understand why. I've clearly missed something here.

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