Friday, March 25, 2011

The good news is: I don't believe in dreams.

Okay. I don’t know anything about dream interpretation and the truth is I don’t even believe in dream interpretation. But as I woke up this morning, I had a very, very clear impression of the dream I just had. Listening to people recount dreams is usually deadly but please bear with me:

I was behind the wheel of my car, with a co-worker in the passenger seat. She had just taken a new job and we were catching up on news. As we talked, I put my foot on the gas pedal but instead of pulling forward, the car unexpectedly moved in reverse. I stopped and checked the gearshift but it was correct: the car was in ‘drive.’ Tried again, but moved backwards again.

Then I lost even more control: the car just kept moving in reverse. I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to, nor could I see behind me for some reason. The side mirror revealed only about two or three feet and beyond that: absolute darkness. I don’t remember seeing or checking an inside rear view mirror.

So to recap: I’m not in control, heading backwards, into darkness, accompanied by someone who had moved on, into a new job and new place. I’m fearful of the danger; my passenger is terrified; and I can’t stop.

Then – miraculously – I was able to slow the car down somehow, stop and then begin to move forward. But even that was scary because for some reason, I maneuvered the car to the top of an enormous, steep staircase that would accommodate the width of the car. I turned to my passenger to ask if she was ready.

For God‘s sake. Am I that troubled? Even leaving aside the ‘Thelma and Louise-ness’ of it all, this is disturbing. I’m going backwards? In the dark? And even when I finally get to move forward, I place myself in a dangerous situation?

And why the passenger? To act as a ray of light, personifying the idea that it’s possible to move forward; that life can change in a good way?

Like anyone over the age of four, I Googled dream interpretation and driving. Believe me, you don’t want to know but here are a few highlights from the passage that discusses driving:

…driving a vehicle signifies your life's journey and your path in life…telling of how you are moving and navigating through life. If you are driving and cannot see the road ahead of you, then it indicates that you do not know where you are headed in life and what you really want to do with yourself. You are lacking direction and goals.

…driving at night suggests that you are unsure of where you are headed in life….experiencing obstacles toward your goals. Perhaps you do not want to see what is ahead for you or you are afraid to confront certain issues….feeling apprehensive about the future. If your view is blocked or obstructed while you are driving, then it symbolizes your lacking awareness of something in your life….overlooking certain aspects in your life.

To dream that you are driving a car in reverse, suggests that you are experiencing major setbacks in your goals.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln…..

Three words to describe the dream and the dreamer: Directionless, lost, fearful. And even worse, even if I have goals, I’m “experiencing setbacks.”

But since I don’t believe in dreams, I guess I’m okay.

Insomnia, anyone? It can’t feel worse than having this dream again.


Pookie said...

Who was in the car with you?

renee said...

A colleague who recently moved to a new job. I would have identified you!! : )

Marcia said...

I would say that the fact that you are trying to go forward but that you are actually moving backward is a message from your unconscious that you are going about something the wrong way. For example, maybe you are working too hard when you would be more productive if you would take some time to rest and relax, or maybe you are trying to convince or force someone to do something when you should just leave them to figure it out for themself. Or vice versa. These are just examples; I don't know your exact situation.

In a dream, if your driving is poor, it can be a sign that you are making mistakes in your life and these are making your life get out of control.


renee said...

Marcia - thank you for the insight and the link. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

And - by the way - you may be more right than you know, in many ways. Let's just say: I'm working on it....

Thanks again for your feedback on the post.

say what? said...

Over the years I've trained myself to not recall dreams upon waking. When I do have one follow me into daylight I know I have a problem and have to sit down and figure it out, or the dream becomes reoccurring.

Occasionally a dream will let me know it's time to "let go" or "move on". I recently had such a dream and a lot of stress went by-bye.

Amazing how the mind sometimes works.

renee said...

Thanks for adding to the conversation here, SW.

The thing about me is: I need to practically be run over by something before I pay attention to what the universe is trying to tell me. I figure I have at least a few more wakeful nights before I start to react in a real way.

Which is a waste of time, I get that. But I have learned this much: you can't rush life. You may want to rush through the bad parts or slow down the good ones but neither is possible.

I'll pay attention - and get to where I need to be in the right time for me.