Thursday, May 24, 2012

The best three minutes of your day: guaranteed.

I can't quite explain this.  Here's an attempt:  it's perfect.  

What I think I love is this:  you can never go wrong counting on the creative nature of people.   We may be infants when it comes to choosing candidates and running elections.  We may be moronic when it comes to elevating individuals to superstar status for specious accomplishments.  We may not quite be able to keep marriages together, raise our children well, converse with thoughtful insight and empathy or even do something incredibly simple and satisfying like letting the other guy into our lane.  Me, I'm just trying to stop counting the items of the person in front of me at Wegmans, standing in the 7 items or fewer line, and thinking horrible things when I reach 9, for God's sake.

But we can make videos like this one and my God, I think it's genius.    BIG shout out to my Cameron who always finds these kinds of things worth sharing with me.  Thank you, honey.    Take a look and then come back.

Marcel the Shell

Now, I grant you this is all a matter of taste.  But then again, I believe this:  there are two kinds of people in the world: those who love Marcel and those who can't see the point.   Which are you?  


Carmen Spradley said...

Charming, imaginative take on perspective! I haven't felt this particular type of wonder since I was a kid watching "Gumby."

renee said...

I agree! The voice; the absolutely natural tone and the little "extras" make it truly exceptional. The idea of 'inviting friends from upstate to eat salad' is hilarious. The stops and starts on the phone call are perfect.

Thank you for your comment!

Michael Tredr said...

:) thank you for sharing this - it's good to be reminded how we're not all that powerless to make life joyful

renee said...

Exactly! Marcel is my hero.