Saturday, October 05, 2013

My (impossible, overly-sentimental, ludicrous) run-dream

I can't say whether or not running inspires genius or if my mind is simply trying to distract me from the activity.  It's no doubt the latter but I have had some interesting thoughts occur to me on a run, including this one during today's 3-mile sojourn.  It felt magical at the time; admittedly less so now, but here we go:

Music re-inspires me to keep going every three or four minutes and today was no exception.  My playlist is an eclectic mix of my sons' solos over the years (my favorites), classical chorus, and rock, albeit mostly songs that are at least twenty years old.  It's also not the most heart-pumping music in the world but that's okay.  I'm not setting any pace records; let's just say it works for me.   

So when Peace Train started, I had this little movie play out in my head:

Scene:  Lincoln Memorial.

Just two miles away:  The Capitol Building. 

Imagine that this is the setting for shortest train ride on the planet.

Driving the train, Pennsylvania's own Charlie Dent, along with Wisconsin Representative Ron Kind.  Along with them, the car carries a few dozen representatives from both sides of the tracks, who see the train heading in the right direction and are making the trip.

As it moves along its very short route to the Capitol, everyone already riding the train reaches out a hand to the legislators lining the route, encouraging them to hop aboard.

Behind the senators and representatives, the rest of the country stands and cheers everytime one of them joins the train. 

Why must we go on hating?
Cause out on the edge of darkness, there rides a peace train
Oh peace train take this country, come take me home again.

I'd be there, cheering collaboration, cooperation and compromise, I swear I would be.  Unfortunately, I doubt there would be many officials just waiting for a chance to hop on board.

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Anonymous said...

Well, the Demos are supposed to be the 'party of peace and love." Can you please blog along the way as all the Democrat lawmakes attempt to make peace and 'compromise' their principals as Charlie Dent is willing to compromise his?
What more can the Republicans do than keep passing appropriations bills. Just because something is 'the law of the land' does not require Congress to fund it. Remember the Dems voting to 'defund' the Iraq War, even though it was approved by both houses of Congress? And if we are to 'follow the law' then Obama should removed every last 'exception' he has granted to special interest groups. I appreicate your sentiments, Renee, but this is not about the peace's about the future of the country. As Sol Alinsky preached: you have to collapse the system in order to rebuild it into the socialist mecca he, Hilary and Barak desire.