Saturday, March 17, 2007

Meth is only one of their problems.

One of the big news stories around here is the arrest of middle school principal for alleged drug activity. I'll leave that to the investigators and courts to decide. But after I read the latest update on the story, I realized that methadone may be the least of school district's problems.

Turns out many of the teachers suspected and reported some of the questionable behavior by the principal. Some came forward and made their suspicions known to administrators.

Last week, independent investigators planned to question some of the teachers and faced some obstacles. Quote: "None of us is going to our interviews," one teacher said Tuesday, a day when several scheduled interviews never happened.

"None of us IS going. NONE of us...."

I'm ready to cry. Let's try this together, shall we?
None of us ARE going...
Not ONE of us IS going...

What is going on here?

I don't know why I'm surprised. A post or two ago I lamented the illiteracy of a reporter for the NYT; now I'm reading the same sort of regrettable grammar ignorance, this time in a quote from a teacher of all people.

As long as the district is considering random drug testing for everyone interacting with students, perhaps they should also institute random grammar testing for anyone speaking to students.
Or at least random grammar tests for the teachers. I don't care if you're teaching participles or molecules or multiples, shouldn't you be responsible enough to speak to children using proper English?

Once they clear up that methadone problem, they should turn to the grammar problem uncovered by this investigation as well.

Still incredulous -


Anonymous said...

It actually is "none of us is going".

None is short for not one. Therefore it is, in full, "not one of us is going".

A pedantic Englishman

renee said...

I submit the following for consideration:

None of us is going to Traflager Square for New Year's Eve.

None of us are going to Times Square for New Year's Eve.

On this side of the pond, none is plural. With all best wishes -

a stubborn American

renee said...

Of course I spelled Trafalgar incorrectly. Consider it amended. I think.