Saturday, March 20, 2010

Okay. Sometimes you can make this stuff up.

And I have the post to prove it, considering this post. I wrote it ages ago. If you want, take a look and then come back for the latest.

So today, I'm on my favorite homepage - MSN - and what do I see but a story about Demi Moore, and her latest "news."

For God's sake. It's not enough that she and her ilk inflicted the entire idea of "cougars" on us, and that a network produces a television show about older women and younger men. She's not satisfied that a dating service called exists only to create older woman / younger man couples, if only for a night or two. Now that the word has become part of the early 21st century lexicon, in no small way due to Demi's antics, she now labels 'cougar' a distasteful term. (Demi Moore determining what is or isn't distasteful is kind of funny if you think about it.)

May I ask why? Maybe it's because when she was the only one out there - the only older woman from a certain generation of Hollywood leading ladies that had attached herself to a younger husband - that being identified as a cougar was fun and unique. Maybe she doesn't want to belong to a club that would have her, although in this case she was not only the Founder and President, she was the Senior Publicist.

That's all in the past. Now she's a self-identified Puma. How sweet. I want to know the difference between a Puma and a Cougar, other than Demi's dismissal of the latter. Maybe Pumas are snobs? That may have first welcomed others like them but now look down on the cougars that surround them? Perhaps they pretend to be part of a group and then when too many others join they break off into their own new, better, more exclusive group.

God knows. If anyone finds any of the details surrounding this very vital differentiation, I'd be delighted if you'd share them here. Otherwise I'll be forced to imagine more of them. And not one bit of it will flatter any member of the feline family.


Capri said...

Tell Demie that cougars and pumas are both cats and she can put her claws away at any time!

renee said...

Well, thanks for your comment, Capri, but I'm guessing she won't listen to either one of us!!

I give her another five years at the outside - then this is going to start to get really embarrassing.