Friday, September 10, 2010

I know. It's been a long time, at least by blogger standards.

And I've missed the opportunity many of you have given me by inviting me and my sometimes lucid but often maniacal thoughts into your lives. And while I've never been an every day - or even every other day poster - I did get into a bit of a rhythm there for a while. Thank you to everyone who inquired as to my state of mind and wanted to check that I was okay. So very lovely of you!

Suffice it to say, I've had laptop issues and am now familiar with the phrase "root kit" and the havoc it can create for a hard drive. (Thank you Gene!)

Despite my best efforts to slow it down, life continues to move along and take with it some of my favorite people and things: vacation with family come and gone, my boys home and then gone away to school again, summer days fading. Then again, I can feel the promise of gorgeous fall weather in the offing and even further down the road, some of my favorite times of the year getting ever closer.

But I can't help take this time and remember another beautiful September day, some nine years ago now, and the moments surrounding it that will stay with me always. In that spirit, and in honor of everyone who carries a loss from that day - real or communal - in their hearts, I offer one woman's simple take on the madness that surrounds us.

I look forward to talking with you again as (my hand to God) the laptop comes back to life. As always, your feedback and willingness to share the post much appreciated.

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