Monday, February 01, 2010

Whispering, showers, and maybe illicit sex: must be 24

Couple of notes and general points of confusion while watching 24:

It sounds like Jack Bauer, driving near some docks or warehouses or something, somewhere outside NYC and talking on a headset with Chloe and his boss, has a signal that lets his call come through clearer than my land line at home.

Favorite quotes of the show:

"I have a 5% lag on my drone's ABS controls … I think they may be running hot."
"Okay, I’ll free up space on auxiliary servers."
Quintessential 24 geek speak!

Be there in 30 minutes tops. [This is new. Everything in LA was fifteen minutes away.]

From the Dr. treating patient: no quick fix for someone who is sick with weapons grade uranium. No kidding. But Joseph acts like his brother can get a booster shot and he’ll be cured.

"I'm sending instructions to download onto your PDA on how to wire money."

Jack whispered at least nine lines in a row as they set up the plan – the other guy said everything back to him out loud.

"Be at the parking garage in 20 minutes."

In the same setting where the whispering about the plan took place, Jack shouts "WE NEED TO MOVE NOW!!!" at the top of his lungs.

Five or six hours into the day, Dana’s hair is still perfect, draped across her shoulder.

I like how she meets her ex-boyfriend directly outside the door of CTU and doesn’t expect anyone will see her…except for her coworker who is watching her on a closed circuit camera type thing. This is the most pointless sub-plot ever.

Renee takes a shower????? In the middle of an undercover operation?? Isn’t she wearing a headset or earpiece or something???

Wet hair from shower – want to see how it looks in the next scene…What the heck is she talking on if she's showering???

And Jack’s still not there? "I'm going dark." Okay – she puts the tiny little ear bug down the drain.

Arrest a senior delegate; take him to Embassy for questions. Then - a mystery call from the Aide who arrests him to the President's daughter. Called her to tell her he couldn't talk.

Cut to a medical lesson about how to give meds to radioactive brother. Three weeks of pills plus a drip bag. Except - nope. Dr got shot. Ambushed by dad’s guys and Joseph and his brother head back home with them.

Jack finally arrives. Wearing glasses so he looks like a real counter spy. Also speaks fluent German with American accent because he traveled with his dad and went to university here.

Transfers money after speaking to Russian. An hour until he gets info about the purchase.

Opens suitcase laptop on car trunk to transfer $$. Multiple accounts so it can’t be traced. Lots of grids and globes and flashing lights indicate the money is moving.

Renee is shower-fresh and dressed again. Hair is miraculously dry but in a ponytail! Hurrah!!

Money almost done transferring...wait...wait...Swat team take out almost all the Russian guys.

Jack, whispering: "Call your man." Jack, shouting: "DO IT!!"

Dying Russian brother and Joseph home again facing Dad's wrath. Joseph going to get killed by dad. Nope – the brother got it instead. [Prediction: Joseph will end up working with Jack.]

So is the president’s traitor brother is still in another room with the two hookers? Guess so - it's only been about an hour.

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