Thursday, May 06, 2010

Why is it that the only people who "take responsibility" these days are almost always the bad guys?

In an effort to view the headline landscape surrounding us daily, I did a few quick searches online. Then I remembered something I had written about 5 years ago and was struck by the difference.

Today's Daily Caller column elaborates on the situation. I don't think I'm imagining this. Reading today's headlines feels like a trip down memory lane. They sound exactly like we did when we were kids and wanted to get out of a bad situation, only the details are different. Instead of arguing about Barbie, or taking turns, or not doing something we were supposed to do, it's about Congress, or BP Oil, or political views. "It's not MY fault!" "She started it!" "They did it, not me!"

Good lord, can't we all grow up a bit and move onto solutions? We seem to be stuck on "who did it," not what can be done about it.

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