Friday, May 21, 2010

Yes, one more scrap of proof that I have issues.

Although in this case, twenty years can't be wrong.

I started watching Law and Order when my first son was born in 1990. I have clear memories of bravely fighting sleep at 10 pm, and making it through the arrest before falling asleep on the loveseat. I don't think I saw anyone prosecuted (10:30 pm - 11 pm) until at least 1995.

I also remember startling myself awake one night to the sound of a baby in distress and starting up the stairs to check on him. My husband stopped me and said, "It's on TV." Ah - Law and Order; got it. This is partly why I could watch the show for years and they were all new. I never saw the second half.

My attraction to the show never faded; in fact I've shared the experience with my boys, who agree that Jack McCoy is fiercesome.

All this to say, it's the end of an era. (Note: a brief but sincere "thanks for trying," to James.) I'm not sure I'll be literally wearing a black arm band on Monday, but I'll want to. As my brief homage, I offer today's Daily Caller column.


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Richard said...

I am as sad as you to see Law & Order go. There is so little I want to watch on TV, I never got a DVR. I kept my old VCR for the sole purpose of recording Law & Order if I couldn't watch at the normal time. Or just to record while watching in case of falling asleep or phone calls.

Let's keep a good thought that TNT or USA will pick it up like they did with Criminal Intent.