Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's 'give your dog or cat a hug' day.

I am not - and have no plans to become - an attorney who specializes in First Amendment rights. I have no plans to join any law-making group in the foreseeable future. (I know - that's a relief to everyone reading this.)

But - here's the thing: wrapping yourself in the First Amendment to excuse behavior that society in general (and that's important,) deems unacceptable at best and corrupt and deviant in many cases, is unconscionable.

I realize you could line up ten people on any given issue and possibly get ten divergent views of a topic, an activity or a belief. But on some issues - oh, let's say dog fighting - the views might not be all that different. In fact, the Supreme Court's views were 8 - 1 about this particular case.

Maybe the Court strives to rule for the exceptions, those who push boundaries beyond which most of us would not go, in order to keep all of us free. Maybe. But this decision makes me feel like I need a shower.

I've linked to today's Daily Caller column. Would love to hear your thoughts: am I completely off base about this?


our friend Ben said...

Poor Michael Vick, if only he'd waited a bit longer to be caught. Seriously, Renee, I think I gave up on human decency the day I learned that in some so-called "advanced" countries, bestiality was perfectly legal. I hope Hell has a special circle reserved for those who abuse the innocent, animal or child, in any way. And trust me, I'd like to dump all those monsters in it.

renee said...

Thanks "Ben." I'm delighted to tell you I hadn't heard of the sexual practices of some in more 'advanced' countries. That is almost too much to bear.

I can only hope that they know - even in this lifetime - that there is something terribly, terribly wrong with their actions and although maybe they can't seem to stop themselves for reasons I'll never understand, they're tortured by them nonetheless.

Although a special circle of hell works for me too.

Thanks for your note! Hope you're well....