Monday, July 19, 2010

A little slice of heaven right on earth....AKA: a marriage.

For your reading pleasure, a recent exchange at home, as I attempted to coordinate the next few days. I'm wondering if this is me (us), or if something similar plays out across the nation each and every week, with only the details changing from house to house and couple to couple. Do Barack and Michelle do this? Do Joe and Jill? Did they used to?

The people may reverse roles - this isn't a female / male thing - but I wonder.

Who is the person who keeps track of stuff and who is the person who gets updated on the details of the stuff in your house?


Sunday (as we're talking about the coming week):
Me: You know I have that Board meeting Tuesday night, right?

Him: The what?

Me: The board meeting, in Easton....

Him: What time?

Me: 5:30.

Him: How long is it?

Me: I don't know - maybe a few hours.

Him: How many people will be there?

Me: I don't know.

You remember about that meeting Tuesday, right?

What meeting?

The board meeting I told you about.

Oh yeah - what time is that?

5:30 (...and we're off and running on a second round of the above)

So I won't be home for dinner tonight.

Why not?



Chris Casey said...

Sounds just like Mrs Casey talking to me. Every weekend I ask what the next week's schedule looks like. She usually tells me 168 times.

renee said...

Thanks, Chris.
What do you make of this?

People taking on the jobs they're good at doing? Women doing what their DNA tells them to do and men likewise? Forgetfulness? Organization?

Do you ever hear Mrs. C. sigh??
(Or worse?) : )

Pamela Varkony said...

Okay, no exaggeration, I laughed out loud.

It got so bad around here that we now have a wall filled with sticky notes just above the coffee pot and aside of where he leaves his keys and wallet. So if he's going to have coffee in the morning or take his keys out of his pants when he comes home at night, I've got at least a 50/50 shot that he'll look at the notes which say things like: WEDNESDAY JULY 21, PAM OUT FOR DINNER MEETING. HUNGRY MAN MEAT LOAF IN FREEZER.

As for joint appointments, we have a house rule: If it's on "The Wall" there is to be no whining and not one word of "You didn't tell me we had to go to that thing".

Great post Renee.

renee said...

Thanks, Pam. I LOVE the wall and the no whining rule and the "you didn't tell me we had to go to that thing..." revelation.

May I simply say: sounds familiar?

We have a calendar and if it's not on the calendar, it probably isn't happening.

I don't have to tell you that 97% of everything on the calendar is in my handwriting. [The boys sometimes jot down a note or two every seven months or so.]

Chris Casey said...

Mrs C sighs all the time. Not kidding. But she also tells me she loves me right afterwards. Then I drive down 100 to Long acres dairy just south of Bally and buy her ice cream. That makes up for a lot of "What are we doing wednesday again?"

renee said...

I just love that story, Chris.

Thanks so much for sharing it.